Unlimited Ocean Renewable Energy

Extracting energy using mother natures design

Over millions of years Mother Nature has perfected energy extraction in the form of flight, swimming, running and walking. Over 100 years ago the Wright brothers used biomimicry, observing the flights of birds, to design their prototypes and propel man into the age of flight. Today's modern wind turbines continue that mimicry to extract energy from flowing air.

Version 5.1 Vortex Power Drive with drive shaft offset from leading face

The Vortex Power Drives worldwide patented design builds on the innovation and initiative of the Wright brothers by bringing biomimicry to the oceans. Over hundreds of millions of years fish have utilized vortex formation and shedding to extract energy from the oceans in the form of movement. The Vortex Power Drive extracts energy from moving water the same way fish swim, by using Mother Nature's design we can cost effectively extract energy from all ocean currents, even those previously thought to be uneconomical.

The Vortex Power Drive is designed to extract energy from moving fluids like ocean currents and rivers. The Drive acts similar to swimming fish and extracts the energy in an oscillating fashion like the piston of an engine. The Drive is mounted on a center shaft allowing free 360 degree rotation in response to changes in flow orientation. They are mounted one on top of another using the entire water column, with each Drive adding its extraction energy to the group. The entire group of Drives has only three moving parts and are connected to the support superstructure using marine grade bearings designed for 20+ year maintenance cycles.

The Vortex Power Drives can then be schooled together into very large arrays. These arrays are manufactured in conventional machine shops and are assembled in local dry docks. Once towed into place, the arrays are submerged under the surface of the water where they are not affected by storms. In this final position, the system can generate base-load energy. This energy is available to the electrical grid 24/7 365, equivalent to coal, oil and gas fired plants without the fuel supply uncertainties and pollution. Operating below the ocean's surface, the arrays do not impede ocean traffic.

The Vortex Power Drive operates in all currents having a minimum velocity of 0.5 meters per second. Most of the powerful ocean currents only reach speeds of 2 or 3 meters per second at their peak. A two meters per second current (i.e., like the one off the coast of Florida), has the equivalent energy of a category 5 hurricane and enough extractable energy to power millions of homes. Todays existing solutions are only able to operate in flows greater than 5 meters per second, which severely limit their viability to only a few sites worldwide. This fact sets the Vortex Power Drive technology apart from their competitors, since we are able to utilize over 95% of the world's coastlines for energy.

Working in relatively calm flows will reduce the cost of construction, placement and maintenance to a level that is competitive with conventional fuels like coal, gas and oil. Therefore, the Vortex Power Drive will open up a vast number of development sites worldwide. There is nothing on the market like this today.