Technology Development Partnerships

Unlimited Worldwide Development

Worldwide many countries bordering the ocean have begun looking for ways to extract the energy. Countries Like The United States, Canada, Scotland, England, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, South Africa , Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan has begun active programs aimed at driving energy development into the sea.

The oceans of the world are in constant motion. Driven by the power of the sun and the convection currents coming from both poles our ocean currents have been studied since the first people took to them. Although vast in scope most ocean currents flow below 3 m/s with many currents in the 2 to 2.5 m/s range.

The Vortex Power Drive is designed to extract energy from these currents. Like solar panels the Drives act in arrays. Increasing the array size to maximize energy extraction based on specific site parameters.

Technology development partners are required to bring this technology to their specific development programs. The goal is to form multiple partnerships worldwide where each partner, working with the resources available from their specific programs, contribute to the collective development program. The Vortex Power Drive technology development partnerships will form a collective user group within a protective licensing framework empowered by the global patent protection afforded the technology.

Augmenting Marine Wind Turbine Output

Marine wind farms provide substantial renewable energy worldwide. One of the most compelling reasons to place wind turbines offshore is a greater availability of wind than onshore. That being said wind turbines operate at only about 40% capacity. This means that for approximately 60% of the time the assets are not generating revenue. Augmenting the energy from the wind, the Vortex Power Drives can be installed amongst the wind turbines and deliver ocean current power when the wind stops blowing through the now unused transmission infrastructure.