Scalable Isolated Energy Generation

Remote Communities

There are a great many places worldwide that are not connected to a central grid for electricity supply. These places rely on expensive fossil fuel generation. Many of these places for one reason or another, inhospitable climate (arctic) or lack of usable land mass (islands) cannot use conventional renewable energy solutions like wind or solar. The Vortex Power Drive has the ability to extract energy from any flowing fluid and can be used at these locations. These remote sites, using conventional generation solutions, can pay upwards of $2.00 per kW for electricity. The Vortex Power Drive can develop energy solutions for these sites starting at $0.20 per kW. The Vortex Power Drive offers turn key solutions custom designed to meet the users energy requirements.

Sub-Sea Coastal Monitoring

Below the surface of our great oceans many things can be keep from detection, not all of which are friendly. Worldwide offshore coastal monitoring has become a requirement for many governments whether it is for security or to establish and maintain coastal sovereignty. The Vortex Power Drive can operate on the ocean floor, undetected and silent, generating constant power for any off shore activity. With our large operating range, energy can be generated from below any ocean, even 200 miles offshore, for monitoring and protecting the coastlines. Since the Drives utilize the same mechanism for power generation as fish use for swimming they can provide power in a manor that is silent and undetectable, unlike current surface power generation units.

Scientific Research

The current scientific sub-sea ocean observation platforms rely on battery power for electricity. This limits the type of experiments and also their time frame to a maximum of two years. Installing a Vortex Power Drive can provide unlimited energy to these platforms. The Drive can also charge autonomous submarines which can be left under the water for many years to perform an unlimited amount of activities.